Sakura, the Japanese innovation in marking and writing! We offer an extensive range of markers for industrial use. All are ideal for using in extreme conditions, on various surfaces and for a variety of applications. The Sakura Solid Marker is derived from our ambition to constantly improve our products. It is the world’s first marker with paint in a solid form. It always works – everywhere, even under water! In addition, with Sakura we provide high quality Paint Markers and the Pen-Touch. You can rely on the superior quality of the industrial markers from Sakura. Solid Marker is solidified paint in a marker stick. An extremely tough marker for tough jobs. The Solid Marker marks through oil, grease, rust, mud and snow on both rough and smooth surfaces. The ink dries quickly and does not fade. The Solid Marker even marks and dries underwater! The special twist mechanism in the Solid Marker keeps the paint fresh and ready to use. Ideal for use on wood, plastic, steel and iron, fabric, rubber, cardboard, glass, fibreglass and concrete. Due to its limitless applications, the Solid Marker is widely used in the construction industry, by welders, in manufacturing, in forestry, for pipelines, on assembly lines, in the automotive tires sector, and for HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and plumbing systems. Meths, turps or white spirit-based cleaning agents will remove the ink from non-porous surfaces. The Solid Marker meets the ASTM and ACMI non-toxicity standards and is AP seal certified.

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