Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencil

Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencil


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High-quality acid-free pigments in bright colours, unsurpassed lightfastnessSoft, vibrant colour laydownFully water soluble leadThick 3.8 mm leadHigh break resistance due to secural bonding process (SV) Colour 8200-101 Albrecht Dürer artists’ watercolour pencils provide artists with great versatility of expression when drawing, shading and painting in watercolours. High-quality materials, combined with over 250 years of experience, have resulted in watercolour pencils that produce unsurpassed watercolour effects and vibrancy. The coloured surface can be transformed with only a few fine or broad brush strokes to reveal the full and unique power of the colours. Depending on the paper being used, the pigments can be completely dissolved, and will then behave in the same way as classic watercolour paints.

Watercolour pencil colour:

A101 white medium, A103 ivory, A104 light yellow glaze, A105 light cadmium yellow, A106 light chrome yellow, A107 cadmium yellow, A108 dark cadmium yellow, A109 dark chrome yellow, A110 phthalo blue, A111 cadmium orange, A112 leaf green, A113 orange glaze, A115 dark cadmium orange, A117 light cadmium red, A118 scarlet red, A119 light magenta, A120 ultramarine, A121 pale geranium lake, A123 fuchsia, A125 middle purple pink, A126 permanent carmine, A128 light purple pink, A130 salmon, A131 coral, A132 beige red, A133 magenta, A136 purple violet, A137 blue violet, A140 light ultramarine, A141 delft blue, A142 madder, A143 cobalt blue, A144 cobalt blue-greenish, A146 skyblue, A151 helioblue-reddish, A152 middle phthalo blue, A153 cobalt turquoise, A154 light cobalt turquoise, A156 cobalt green, A157 dark indigo, A158 deep cobalt green, A159 Hooker´s green, A160 manganese violet, A161 phthalo green, A162 light phthalo green, A165 juniper green, A167 permanent green olive, A169 caput mortuum, A170 may green, A171 light green, A172 earth green, A174 chromium green opaque, A175 dark sepia, A176 Van Dyck brown, A177 walnut brown, A178 nougat, A179 bistre, A180 raw umber, A181 Payne´s grey, A182 brown ochre, A183 light yellow ochre, A184 dark Naples ochre, A185 naples yellow, A187 burnt ochre, A188 sanguine, A189 cinnamon, A190 Venetian red, A191 Pompeian red, A192 Indian red, A193 burnt carmine, A194 red-violet, A199 black, A205 cadmium yellow lemon, A217 middle cadmium red, A219 deep scarlet red, A223 deep red, A225 dark red, A230 cold grey I, A231 cold grey II, A232 cold grey III, A233 cold grey IV, A234 cold grey V, A235 cold grey VI, A246 Prussian blue, A247 indanthrene blue, A249 mauve, A250 gold, A251 silver, A252 copper, A263 caput mortuum violet, A264 dark phthalo green, A267 pine green, A268 green gold, A270 warm grey I, A271 warm grey II, A272 warm grey III, A273 warm grey IV, A276 chrome oxide green fiery, A278 chrome oxide green, A280 burnt umber, A283 burnt siena

Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencil
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