Faber-Castell Metallics Marker

Faber-Castell Metallics Marker


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Ideal for most surfaces (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, stone)Smudge- and splash-proofAfter fixation in the oven at 160°C the ink is waterproof (not dishwasher-proof)Noble metallic effectWater-based inkDoes not bleed through the paperOdourlessNo pumping or shaking needed1.5 mm felt-tip penColour wanderlust Metallics marker, colour wanderblust Decorate light, dark or colourful paper or even smooth surfaces, such as plastic, foil, porcelain, glass and metal, with a premium metallic effect. You can even make wood or rocks look shiny. After drying, Metallics are resistant to both smudging and water splashes. They can even be made waterproof (not dishwasher safe) by setting them in an oven at 160°C for 30 minutes. The special water-based metallic ink is odourless and doesn’t seep through paper. Furthermore, no pumping or shaking is required, the ink flows evenly through the 1.5 mm fibre tip. This allows you to start drawing immediately.

Marker colour:

A136 purple violet, A153 cobalt turquoise, A189 cinnamon, A193 burnt carmine, A250 gold, A251 silver, A252 copper, A275 warm grey VI, A278 chrome oxide green, A290 ruby metallic, A292 blue metallic, A294 green metallic

Faber-Castell Metallics Marker
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